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August 2008

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Latest News

Sandwich Panels Used in Antarctica Research Center

Composite sandwich panels using a thick insulated core and glass reinforcing skins were used in a new British research station located in Antarctica. The lightweight composite panels were designed and manufactured by MMS Technology.
Engineering News

Insulated Roof Collapses Under Heavy Rain

Extreme rain in South Korea caused the Atlas Air Cargo Terminal roof to collapse. The roof was constructed using 12.5-cm thick metal sandwich panels. No one was injured in the incident, and 30 tons of cargo was immediately removed.

New Method to Build Rapidly Uses Sandwich Panels

British company John Doyle Construction has developed a system in which pre-fab steel sandwich panels are filled with concrete. This allows for buildings to be erected at the rate of an entire floor a day.

Metal Composite Sandwich Panels Used in New Soccer (Football) Fields

The same type of metal skinned polyurethane filled panels used in walls and roofs, are now being applied to the walls of youth soccer fields. 1,000 miniature playing fields will be constructed in Germany using these sandwich walls. The result is better sound damping and greater design flexibility.

Kingspan Group buys Metecno Group for $111 Million

Europe's largest manufacturer of flooring and insulation panels has bought the US operations of Metecno Group for $111 million dollars in a move to consolidate the sandwich panel manufacturing industry.



The following inquires were submitted to If you would like the contact information of the submitting company please email:

Bosnia roofing panel company is looking to import insulated sandwich panels from Eastern Europe

A Saudi Arabia SIP company is looking for machinery and raw material suppliers.

A trading company in Jordan is looking to find a supplier of steel sandwich panels for Iraq.

A Russian company is looking to purchase large quantities of cross-linked polymer foam sheets.

If you would like to have an inquiry posted for free, please contact us with your information.


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