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Sandwich panels with the unique benefits are beginning to make an impact on the environment. Due to the insulative properties and the lightweight characteristics, sandwich panels are assisting the environment on two major fronts:
- building materials
- transportation

Sandwich structures used in construction such as SIPs, structural insulated panels, are dramatically lowering heating and cooling costs, thus reducing energy consumption.

In transportation, advanced composite sandwich panels are increasingly being used to lower weight. Less weight on a plane, train, boat, or automobile is directly correlated to less fuel consumption.

Fuel and energy savings are important both economically and environmentally, however it does not end there. The entire life of a sandwich panel needs to be addressed.

For example, the majority of composite sandwich core and skin material is derived from petroleum based sources, and often release harmful chemicals during manufacturing. At the end of life, these same panels will have difficulty being recycled or reused.

However change is possible. Sustainable bio-based foam cores and resins are being introduced. Options are becoming available to allow sandwich panels to help the environment throughout the entire life span.

Sandwich is here to help document and catalyze this environmental progress.


Environmental Sandwich Links:

Agriboard: - SIP panels created out of sustainable sources. - Promoting the development of bio-based materials for non-food products.

BioPreferred: - USDA source for composite panels manufactured with a substantial amount of bio derived content. - Providing un-biased green building information.

Ecovative Design: - Manufacturer of core material grown from fungi. - A learning hub for green building.

Green Fusion: - Retail store for green building education.


Homeblown Foam: - UK manufacturer of bio-based polyurethane foam.

Malama Composites : - Manufacturer of bio-based structural foam.

Omnexus Plastics and Elastomers: - Latest news in the Bio and Green plastics.

Ontario Bio-Auto Council: - Helping the advancement of affordable, sustainable, bio-based materials.

SIPs and Energy Efficient Buildings...: - March 2008 presentation by Federation of American Scientists (FAS) president Henry Kelly. (power point download)

Stemergy: - Manufacturer of hemp and flax bio-fiber material.

Sustainable Building Alliance: - New Zealand: - Advocates for sustainable building.

USGBC: - U.S. Green Building Council


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