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Some of the most valuable composite sandwich panel information can be found in past U.S. Patent claims.

We are in the process of organizing the most relevant patents pertaining to composite sandwich structures. Researchers of the future can build off of this information and further develop more advanced composite sandwich panels, and processing techniques.

Below is the beginning of the Composite Sandwich Patent Database. This resource will continue to grow. For more information on a particular patent, copy and paste the the patent title in the google search bar, located at the bottom of this page.


Honeycomb panel
Title: Sandwich Panel
United States Patent 20070148412
Assignee: Airbus

The invention can be defined in its most general form as a building unit, namely the sandwich panel with light core from corrugated sheet material in the form of zigzag crimp, and can be used in aircraft construction, as well as in shipbuilding and construction. Making use of the claimed invention will improve the weight efficiency, the strength and the manufacturability of the panel.


Composite Sandwich Patent
Title: Sandwich panel
United States Patent 4360553
Assignee: Hunter Douglas International

A rectangular sandwich panel comprises two skins with an insulating material, such as foam, sandwiched therebetween. Two spaced apart arms form a double tongue on each of two adjacent circumferential edges of the panel and a cooperable double groove is formed along the other two adjacent circumferential edges, whereby, without additional coupling means, the panel can be assembled on all sides by a tongue and groove connection with adjoining panels.


Panel Patent
Title: Sandwich panel
United States Patent 4974383
Assignee: Bally Engineered Structures

Walk-in coolers for maintaining a chamber at a temperature are assembled from sandwich panels, which are welded together in end-to-end abutting relationship. Each panel generally has an inner metallic facing and a spaced opposed metallic facing with the space between the facings filled with a thermal insulating organic material having a coefficient of thermal conductivity of less than 0.3 Btu/hr,ft.sup.2,.degree.F./ft.


Composite Patent Drawing
Titile: Sandwich panel and method of manufacturing the sandwich panel
United States Patent 6497082
Assignee: Mitsubishi Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

A sandwich panel is manufactured-by providing: a first step (a), (b) of attaching another end portion of an insert 1 whose one end portion is made sharp to an inner side of a facing member 2 in which a hole is cut in advance;


Small Sandwich
Title: Fiber-reinforced sandwich panel
United States Patent 20050204698

The present invention may be embodied in a sandwich panel having first and second face panels each panel having a first predetermined thickness and being formed of a fiber-reinforced cementitious material. The sandwich panel further includes support frame for supporting the first and second face panels in a spaced apart configuration.

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