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ACP: - Aerospace composite products, laminated panels.

Amber Composites: - Manufacturer of composite structures including composite sandwich structures.

A.P.I.NA: - Spanish association for polyurethane sandwich panels. (translated)

ATL Composites: - Australian manufacturer of composite structures and sandwich panels.

Ayres Composite Panels: - Supplier of honeycomb panels.

Bellcomb: - Manufacturer of honeycomb and composite sandwich panels.

Composite Material Blog: - Interesting blog on composite materials.

Cellular Materials: - Manufacturer of a metal core sandwich panels.

Composites One: - Distributor of composites materials and cores used in sandwich structures.

Crane Composites: - Composite sandwich panel manufacturer for recreational vehicles and trailers.

Current Composites: - Manufacturer of composite sandwich structures.

Ebert Composites Corporation: - Sandwich panel R&D company, specializing in connecting skins with 3-D fibers.

Euro-Composites: - Manufacturer of composite structures including composite sandwich panels.

Event Calendar: - Calendar of events for the composites and sandwich panl

Fiber Glast: - Composite supply company.

FITS Technology: - Manufacturer of foamed in-situ thermofoamable sandwich panels. (Netherlands).

Hexcel: - Supplier of composite core and skin material.

High Modulus: - Australian manufacturer of composite structurers including marine sandwich panels.

Hylite: - Unit of Alcan, making aluminum faced sandwich panels with a thermoplastic core.

IQ: - German manufacturer of FRP skined sandwich panels.

Lamilux: - Duth manufacturer of composite sandwich structures.

M.C. Gill Corporation: - Manufacturer of aerospace sandwich panels.

Nautic Expo: - Supplier of composite sandwich panels for the marine industry.

Omnia: - UK manufacturer of composite sandwich structures.

Omnexus: - Polyurethane sandwich panel adhesives.

Owens Corning: - Manufacturer of fiberglass and structural reinforcements.

Panel Projects: - UK manufacturer of composite sandwich panel projects.

Paneltec Corporation: - Manufacturer of aluminum laminated sandwich panels.

Parabeam: - Netherlands manufacturer of composite and sandwich products.

Plastic Reinforcements: - Manufacturer of composite sandwich panels.

Polydet: - German manufacturer of sandwich structures for transportation systems.

Pultrusion Information Center: - Informative site providing knowledge on the pultrusion process, machinery, and industry advancements.

Quadrant Plastic Composites: - Manufacturer of thermoplastic composite sandwich panels.

Rexwall: - European manufacturer of composite sandwich structures.

Russian Sandwich Panels: - Far-East sandwich panel manufacturer.

Sing Super Honeycomb: - Manufacturer of a unique honeycomb panel and core.

Teklam: - Manufacturer of laminanted sandwich panels.

Polmer Park Materials: - German manufacturer of composite sandwich panels.

World panel Products Inc: - Manufacturer of wood sandwich structures for the marine industry.




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