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Baltek: - Supplier of balsa cores.

Bayer Materials: - Polyurethane core materials

Cfoam: - Manufacturer of carbon foam core materials.

Core Composites: - Distributors of composite core and skin material.

DIAB: - Large manufacturer of core material.

Dow Building Solutions: - Major supplier of foam cores.

Ebert Composites Corporation: - Sandwich panel R&D company, specializing in connecting skins with 3-D fibers.

EconCore: - Manufacturer of honeycomb core products.

Hexacor: - Manufacturer of polypropylene honeycomb core material.

Hexcel: - Supplier of composite core and skin material.

I-core: - Manufacturer of end grain balsa panels.

L&M Stone Honeycomb: - Chinese manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb products and panels.

Malama Composites: - Manufacturer of sustainable polyurethane structural foam.

Nida-Core: - Manufacturer of core material and sandwich panel products.

Nidaplast: - French manufacturer of thermoplastic honeycomb core material.

Panterra Engineered Plastics: - Manufacturer of thermoplastic core material.

Plascore: - Manufacturer of honeycomb core material.

Polymer Core Technologies: - Manufacturer of plastic honeycomb core materials.

PolyuMac: - Manufacturer of foam cores.

Tricel: - Manufacturer of honeycomb material.

Ultracor Inc: - Manufacturer of a wide range of honeycomb core materials.




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