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747 Composite Wing Repair: - Learn the basics of composite sandwich panel repair on a 747 fore flap.

Advanced Composite Multi-infill Panels for Seismic Retrofitting: - White paper by the University of Buffalo

Advanced Materials for Aircraft Interiors: - Describes the use of lightweight sandwich structures in aerospace.

The Aftermath of Phenolic Foam: - Article on a popular roofing sandwich panel used in the 1970's which turned into a major roofing industry problem.

Balsa core vs. Foam core Prepreg epoxy resin system: - Compairson of core material used in boat building.

Bending Analysis of Laminated Composite Sandwich Plates Reinforced with Carbon Nanotube Forests: - Paper by Jessica D. Albernaz from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. (pdf)


Buckling Analysis of Debonded Sandwich Panel Under Compression: - 1995 NASA technical memorandum.

"Carbon fiber buys its way onboard": - Sep. 2007 Composites World article.

Composites for Aerospace Applications: - Slide show by Stefanie Feih.

Composite Sandwich Panel Manufacturing Concepts for a Lightweight Vehicle Chassis: - Paper by S. Milton and S.M. Grove. (pdf)

Composite Sandwich Panel Workplace Safety: Description of safety measurers to use when working with composite sandwich structures.

Composite Sandwich Skin: Thermoset or Thermoplastic Resin: - The difference between thermoplastic and thermoset skins in sandwich panels.

Cores of Composite Laminates: - A "Composites Technology" article on the various low-cost sandwich panel cores.

Damage Resistance and Tolerance of Composite Sandwich Panels: - Scaling Effects: 2004 report by the FAA.

Damage Tolerance for Composite Sandwich Airframe Structures: - 1999 FAA manual describing the proper use of airframe sandwich structures. (pdf)

Design Implications of Sandwich Panels: - Article on laser welding technology used in steel sandwich structures.

Designing Optimum Fibre Layout for Composite Sandwich Panels: - Paper by W Boruszewski and M Kataoka-Filho of the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais. (pdf)

Elastic Coupling Effects in Tapered Sandwich Panels with Laminated Anisotropic Composite Facings: - 2004 paper by researchers at the University of Maine.

Energy Efficient Technologies for Railways: - Describes the use of lightweight sandwich panels in rail applications.

Evaluation of Composite Sandwich Panels Fabricated Using Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding: - Research paper by North Carolina State University

Fire Performance of Sandwich Panel Systems: - 2003 technical briefing by the Association of British Insurers.

Fire Rated Insulated Sandwich Panels: - 2003 article describing passive smoke problems with SIPs (pdf)

F.I.T.S. - Thermoplastic Sandwich Panels: - Learn about FITS technology, a new thermoplastic sandwich panel from the Netherlands.

Flammability of sandwich panels (Progress in fire retardant series) -  Book by Vijay Mohan Bhatnagar

Fluid Ingression Damage Mechanisms in Composite Sandwich Structures: - Paper by John Tomblin and Allison Crockett.

Fundamentals of Composite Sandwich Panels: - Laboratory exercise from the University of Washignton Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Gelcoat problems and solutions: - List of problems, causes, and solutions to composite gelcoats.

Handbook of Construction Tolerances - Informative book by David Kent, AIA, and CSI Ballast.

High Temperature Lightweight Heat Pipe Panel Technology Development: - Article about composite radiator panels for space nuclear power systems. (pdf)

Honeycomb Attributes and Properties: - Guide to the Hexcel honeycomb materials. (pdf)

Honeycomb Core Construction: - Paper on constructing honeycomb. (pdf)

Hot/Wet Environmental Degradation of Honeycomb Sandwich Structure Representative of F/A-18: Flatwise Tension Strength: - 1999 article by T.C. Radtke, A. Charon and R.Vodicka. (pdf)

How a Sandwich Panel Works: - Composite sandwich panel basics.

How to Work With fiberglass Over Urethane Foam: - History of sandwich panels used in automotive.

Innovative 3-D FRP Sandwich Panels for Bridge Decks: - Paper by TAREK K. HASSAN and ENGIN M. REIS. (pdf)

Insulated Sandwich Panel and Fire Risk: - 2003 article on sandwich panel saftey by Didier Schutz. (pdf)

Laminated Plate Equations: - Lecture slides from the University of California, San Diego. (pdf)

Lightweight Composite Panel: - Article by Edison Reis

Lightweight, Damage Tolerant Composite Sandwich Structures for High Temperature Applications in Aircraft Engine Components: - Paper by M. Sheppard, G.S. Campbell and F. Stoll. (pdf)

Longtime Performance of Sandwich Panels in Forest Products Laboratory Experimental Unit: - Paper by G.E. Sherwood, Engineer at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Making a Torsion Box with a Tricel Honeycomb Core: - Step by step guide on constructing a torsion box with honeycomb core. (pdf)

Material Characteristics of 3-D FRP Sandwich Panels: - White paper by Dept. of Civil Construction and Enviromental Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

Measuring Core/Face sheet Bond Toughness
in Honeycomb Sandwich Structures:
- Detailed NASA article (pdf)

Mechanical Properties of an Extruded Pyramidal Lattice truss Sandwich Structure: - 2007 paper by researchers from University of Virginia and Cellular Materials International.

Mechanical Properties of Honeycomb Sandwich Panels of Aluminum and Glass Fiber Facings of Different Core Thickness from ASTM Standards: - February 2006 paper by Muhammad Israil Khan. (pdf)

"New Generation of High Performance Reinforcement": - 2006 paper discussing Owens Corning's new high strength fiberglass material. (pdf)

Optical-fiber sensor networks in smart structures: - Article by Horst Baier, Uwe Mueller, and Stephan Rapp

Plate and Panel Structures of Isotropic, Composite and Piezoelectric Materials, Including Sandwich Construction (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications) - Informative Book by Jack R. Vinson

Pultrusion and Mechanical Characterization of GRFP Composite Sandwich Panels: - Paper describing the mechanical properties of sandwich panels built through the pultrusion process. (pdf)

Predictions of Thermal Buckling Strengths of Hypersonic Aircraft Sandwich Panels using Minimum Potential Energy and Finite Element Methods: - 1995 NASA technical memorandum.

Properties of Structural Sandwich Core materials: Hand Lay-up vs. Vacuum-Infusion Processing: - 1996 paper by Alcan baltek Corporation.

Repair of Aircraft Composite Sandwich Structures: - 2004 FAA report. (pdf)

Repair of Damage to Marine Sandwich Structures: - Paper by Maritime Platforms Division Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory. (pdf)

Response of Metallic Sandwich Panels to Water Blast: - 2007 Harvard paper (pdf)

Review of Stainless Steel Sandwich Panels: - Automotive article on the design and manufacturing of steel sandwich structures. (pdf)

Sandwich Handbook: - Diab handbook on sandwich panels and core materials. (pdf)

The Sandwich Panel Core: - The benefits a core provides for a composite sandwich panel

Sandwich Panel Fabrication Technology: - Product manual by Hexcel.

Sandwich Panels Supporting Growth with an Established and Proven Technology: - White paper by Huntsman about sandwich structure market in Europe and India.

SIPs, Energy Efficient and Stylish: - Article on how SIP homes can be more then economical.

Surface Pretreatment prior to Structural Adhesive Bonding: - Presentation of prepping skins for adhesive bonding. (pdf)

Structural Design and Analysis of a Lightweight Composite Sandwich Space Radiator Panel: - 2003 thesis by Sudharsan Mukundan (pdf)

Structurally Optimized Sandwich Panels with Prismatic Cores: - 2003 paper from the International Journal of Solids and Structures.

Technical Briefing: Fire Performance of Sandwich Panel Systems: - 2003 article by Association of British Insurers (pdf)

Test of 4'x8' Sandwich Panel Preproduction Sample of Front Plate for a Shower Counter: - 1993 paper by Walter Tuzel

Thermostructural Behavior of a Hypersonic Aircraft Sandwich Panel Subjected to Heating on One Side: - 1997 NASA thecnical memorandum.

Vacuum Bagging Techniques on Sandwich Construction: - Paper on vacuum bag techniques used in yacht sandwich construction.

Wall Panel Information: - Information on decorative wall panels, shear wall panels, and metal wall panels.

What are Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs): - Description of SIPs and their uses.

What Is a Sandwich Panel: - Detailed explanation of what a composite sandwich panel is.


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