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Agriboard Industries: - Manufacturer of SIP panels using renewable resources.

BEET Building Systems: - Norway based manufacturer and installer of structural insulated panels.

Bondor: - Australian manufacturer of insulated panel systems.

Bullseye Homes: - Manufacturer and installer on SIP panel systems.

Burton Industries: - Australian manufacturer of insulated sandwich panels and cool rooms.

Cardinal Building Systems: - Supplier of structural insulated panels S.I.P.s

Durabuild: - Manufacturer of aluminum composite panels.

Ebert Composites Corporation: - Sandwich panel R&D company, specializing in connecting skins with 3-D fibers.

Emirates Industrial Panel: - UAE distributor of sandwich panels for industrial use.

Entercept Structures: - Custom SIP manufacturer.

Envirolast Structures LLC: - Manufacturer of structural concrete insulated panels (SCIPs).

Eurobond: - U.K. manufacturer of mineral woll composite panels.

EZ-Build Systems: - Supplier of pre-engineered sandwich panel building systems.

Fibretech: - Manufacturer of stainless steel sandwich panels.

FisherSIPs: - Kentucky based SIP manufacturer and installer.

Foard Panels: - Manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

F.V. Vleck Company: - Distributor building panel and wall panel systems.

General Panel Corp: - Manufacturer of custom structural insulated panels.

Green Source Products: - Manufacturer of wall panel systems.

GreenWall: - Distributor of SIP structural insulated panels.

Hambleside Danelaw: - U.K. manufacturer of building products including roof and wall panel systems.

IB Panels: - Idaho manufacturer of SIP panels.

Igloo Thermal: - Sandwich panel manufacturer.

Image Building Products: - Manufacturer of aluminum composite panel systems.

Innovida: - Composite sandwich building panels.

Isocab: - German manufacturer of polyurethane insulated panels.

IsoTeck: - Italian sandwich roof panel manufacturer.

Insulated Component Structures: - Manufacturer of SIP building panels.

Kama Building Systems: - Manufacturer of SIP building systems.

Kalwall: - Manufacturer of translucent sandwich building systems.

KC Panels: - Manufacturer of structural insulated building panels.

Kennotech: - Manufacturer of metal sandwich structures.

K Industrial Co: - Korean manufacturer of sandwich building panel machinery.

Kingspan Insulated Panels: - Australian manufacturer of insulated sandwich panels.

Leep: - Manufacturer of insulated panel systems.


MagWall: - Fire resistant structural building panels.

MeTecno: - Manufacturer of roof and building panel systems.

Murus: - Manufacturer of Polyurethane and EPS structural insulating panels.

PaceMaker Building Systems: - Manufacturer of SIP panels and building systems.

PANELTEC International: - Manufacturer of sandwich panel, core, SIP, and processing machinery.

Performance Panel Solutions: - Manufacturer of non-loadbearing internal wall panels.

Plasti-Fab: - Supplier of EPS building products.

Plymouth Foam: - Manufacturer of expanded polystyrene building products.

Portafab: - Modular building system company

Precision Panels: - Manufacturer and installer of SIP building panels.

Premier Building Solutions: - North American Manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

Prime Styrene Systems: - Australian manufacturer of EPS wall panels.

Ray Core: - Manufacturer of polyurethane wall and roof panels.

R-Control: - Manufacturer of structural insulated panels SIPs.

REAL Housing: - Company attempting to supply affordable green housing to the world, using SIP panels.

RexWall: - German manufacturer of composite building panel system.

Ritek: - Australian manufacturer of panel building systems.

Robor: - Italian manufacturer of sandwich panel manufacturing equipment.

Samshin Machinery: - Korean manufacturer of sandwich panel machines.


Shell Building Systems: - Installer of SIP buildings.

SIP Build: - UK fabricator of SIP panel systems.

SIPCrete: - Manufacturer of insulated concrete panel building systems.

SIP Supply: - Supplier of SIP kits and related products.

SIPSTech: - Manufacturer of SIP building panel systems.

SIPTec: - UK structurally insulated panel manufacturer.

Thermapan: - Structurally Insulated Panel manufacturer.

ThermaSteel: - Manufacturer of pre-insulated framing components for panel systems.

Tiger Group: - Indian manufacturer of building systems and insulated panels.

Topex: - Spanish manufacturer of sandwich building panels.

Trespa: - Manufacturer of architectural composite panels.

Tridi Systems: - Manufacturer of SIP building systems.

USA SIPs: - Manufacturer of SIP building panels.

Volcan Wall: - Manufacturer of SIP building systems.

Winter Panel Corp: - Manufacturer of structural insulated panels (SIPs).

Xanita: - Manufacturer of fiber board used in furniture, displays, and building.

ZhangJiaGang Evernice Building Materials Co: - Chinese manufacturer of concrete insulated building systems.



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