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ABD Matrix: - Source for composite articles.

ACMA: - American Composites Manufacturers Association

ACSS: - Australian Composite Structures Association

AMMTIAC: - Advanced materials, manufacturing, and testing information analysis center.

Balport Conference: - Results from a 2003 conference on sandwich panels held in Germany.

BioPreferred: - USDA source for composite panels manufactured with a substantial amount of bio derived content.

Boat Building Cores: - A great resource on materials and cores used in boat design. - Source for everything about boats and boat building.

CANZ: - Composites Association of New Zealand.

COBARE: - Composite Bridge Alliance Europe

Composites Glossary: - Glossary of composite materials and sandwich panel terms.

Core Material Chart: - Chart showing costs and properties of various core materials.

Core Material Graph: - Graph displaying Young's Modulus vs Density of various core materials.

Composite Material Blog: - Weblog covering developments in composite materials.

Composite Materials Reference: - Guide to the various composite materials available.(pdf)

Composite Sandwich Video Library: - Online collection of sandwich and structural insulated panel SIP videos.

Composite Sandwich Patent Database: - Listing of U.S. Patents dealing with Composite Sandwich Panels

CPA: - Composite Panel Association

DD Fiberglass: - Blog following fiberglass materials and the Chinese fiberglass industry.

Ebert Composites Corporation: - Sandwich panel R&D company, specializing in connecting skins with 3-D fibers.

Environmentally Friendly Sandwich Structures: - Section dedicated to the advancement of green sandwich structures, and highlighting the use of sandwich panels to save weight.

EPPF: - European Profiles and Panels Producers Federation.

EPS Panel Group of Australia: - Manufacturing group for the promotion of EPS panels.

EuCIA: - European Composites Industry Association.

Event Calendar: - Calendar of events for the composites and sandwich structure industry.

Failure Formulas: - Calculating strength and modes of failure for sandwich structures.

Galileo: - European manufacturers alliance for sandwich panels used in building construction.


Handbook of Construction Tolerances - Informative book by David Kent, AIA, and CSI Ballast.

Honeycomb Skin Analysis: - F.E.A. testing methods for honeycomb aircraft skins.

IIFC: - International Institute for FRP in Construction.

Institute for Sandwich Technology -Mainz : - R&D, approval consultancy, static design including design software

MDA Composites: - Description of various composite materials that are often used as the skins of sandwich panels.

Mechanics of Composite Materials: - Description and formulas for load transfer and composite fractures.

National Institute for Aviation Research: - Composite and materials research lab based in Kansas.

Pultrusion Information Center: - Informative site providing knowledge on the pultrusion process, machinery, and industry advancements.

SAMPE: - The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering.

Sandwich Panel Buyers Guide: - 2004 PFPA panel guide (pdf)

Sandwich Panels and Fire: - PFPA site for sandwich structure smoke and fire containment.

Sandwich Panel Fabrication: - Description of sandwich panels and construction methods, by Hexcel Composites. (pdf)

SIPA: - Structural Insulated Panel Association

SIP School: - Provider of instructional courses on SIP construction.

Structural Revolution: - Information on structural insulated panels (SIPs)

Technical Guide to Sandwich Panels: - 2006 pfpa sandwich panel guide. (pdf)

University of Delaware Composite Center: - Center for Composite Materials



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